Damage that can be Caused by the Coronavirus / Contact Report #743 / June 16, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download



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Damage that can be Caused by the Coronavirus

Contact Report #743 [Excerpt] / June 16, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vibka Wallder

Damage that can be Caused by the Coronavirus

Ptaah: ... As for the leaders who you call intellectless, irrational and without any intelligence, I can also understand this and agree with you, because as a matter of fact the majority of all persons who hold state might is absolutely incapable of effective real governance. On the contrary, they are absolutely incapable of having free reign with regard to the running of a state, and certainly they are not in any form predestined to control a crisis situation and to initiate and carry out all the necessary and right measures, as would have been necessary and absolutely essential in the case of the rampantly spreading corona disease. However, now I must mention this again regardless, even if we do not want to talk about it anymore, because this is how it was and still is, as you say, because, to date, in practically every country in the world, a total of over one million human beings have died as a result of the rampantly spreading disease-pandemic since June 2019, but of that number only 500,000 of these will be officially announced by the end of this month, June, while the number of unreported cases will not be mentioned. The number of official deaths alone will continue to rise and will very quickly exceed 600,000, which according to our calculations will already happen by the end of the coming month, July; however, this will not mean the end of the rampantly spreading disease infections. This is because the whole thing is going to continue and will increase to even higher numbers as a result of the inconsiderateness and low intelligence of the governors who, by acting without intellect, rationality or responsibility, will order an extensive relaxation or even an end to the already otherwise inadequate lockdown measures. On the other hand, however, there is equally also the majority of the populations to be mentioned that will act just as irresponsibly and – contrary to intellect and rationality – will oppose the preventive measures, through which the rampantly spreading disease will further increase again in the coming weeks, spread again and claim many deaths.

When I now talk about the fact that the number of deaths continues to rise, then, for the time being, Europe will indeed be less affected by it than many other countries in the world, but the action of relaxing or ending safety measures, which is of low intelligence, will have serious consequences and will cause the infections and deaths to rise again, as it will also make the reintroduction of renewed measures, such as lockdowns and the mandatory wearing of masks and so forth, necessary. Quite especially in the USA, where Donald Trump, the confused mighty one of the state, continues to drive the corona catastrophe forward, which he has called forth due to his incapacity to govern, his megalomania and his devastating machinations that endanger the health of the peoples, the whole thing is progressing in an increasingly lethal form, as is the case in Brazil due to the imperious President Bolsonaro. Trump is a sociopath beyond compare, that is to say, a psychopathic human being who is completely limited and incapable regarding the capability of fine- spiritually perceiving feelings for fellow human beings or any other life forms, let alone being able to put himself in somebody’s shoes in any form. Trump is absolutely incapable of weighing up the consequences of his stupidly brazen speeches as well as his fickle and confused decisions – which he often takes back in a matter of seconds – or his orders and his actions, just as he also cannot control his confused and pathological airs and graces. Trump is also fundamentally incapable of working out any definition with regard to reality and fiction; consequently, as a result of his low intelligence, he slowly but surely destroys the social system and the otherwise already ailing political structure in the USA, as well as partly in other countries around the world. Effectively, he is the most dangerous man in the world, who provokes and calls forth unpeace, terror and ruin as well as destruction and war all around, as well as hundreds of thousands of deaths in the population of the United States of America itself, and this as a result of his pathological inability to think, his low intelligence, his lack of intellect and rationality, his imperiousness, arrogance and megalomania.The rampantly spreading corona disease will continue to spread around the world, while around 40 countries will remain particularly hard hit by the rampantly spreading disease for a long time and much suffering will continue to be inflicted on terrestrial humanity.

Billy: If I can come back to Trample Tramp Trump; I would not be surprised if he has also succumbed to idiocy. However, now that we are at the rampantly spreading corona disease again, I want to ask you if you can look through the contents of this list here and tell me if it is complete or if there is anything else to add. Minister ... ... has sent it to me.

Ptaah: Trump is indeed not what you say, but with regard to his consciousness he is damaged such that he is incapable of rethinking necessary facts coordinatively, putting them together, arranging them, drawing the right conclusions from them and implementing them in an evaluative form.

Billy: Aha, you have come to the same conclusion as I did, because I have studied the guy, his whole demeanour and his modes of behaviour a little bit, and in this respect I have come to the conclusion that, in his consciousness he does not have any coordinative abilities, therefore he does not show any disposition, that is to say, capability, in any area of his modes of speech, behaviour and action and his free use of intellect or rationality. For that, no consciousness-based prerequisite is inherent to him, wherefore he is also not able to overview a situation or assess it, because in his hollow brain he lacks any ability for coordinated thought processes. From this it inevitably follows that, due to his lack of intelligence, he cannot – in terms of his distinctly weak intellect and his lack of rationality – grasp, judge, understand and coordinate an emerging or existing situation, thing, crisis, happening or result and so forth, which is apparent to every normal human being who is not impaired in his/her consciousness, and he cannot bring it down to a common denominator. In my opinion, that which he has achieved in his life and may continue to achieve in the future therefore depended and depends, in some unworthy form, on his lack of intelligence, but above all on the simple-mindedness and low intelligence of those who fall for his demeanour, his loud-mouthedness, intrigues, lies, acting skills, disingenuousness and his fraudulently giving himself an advantage.

Ptaah You were a good student of my father, Sfath. Your assessment really only allows for that which really exists with this man who is incapable of state leadership and is very dangerous to the world. However, since you have now stated your conclusions and also expressed what is to be thought of the majority of the would-be governors, who behave like ‘immature children’ and ‘scrounge around thoughtlessly’ and try to ‘outdo’ – as you call it – themselves and their comrades with imbecilic ideas, then this is indeed the case according to our observations. In the governments there are effectively only a few persons to be found who are connected to intellect, rationality, logic and righteousness, because the majority of the leaders of state are such in name only, but not in reality and truth. The majority of all terrestrial responsible ones of the state do not correspond to leaders of countries, but simply imperious ones who exercise the might of...[article continues with this link]