Coronavirus: The Relaxing which is Now Announced Worldwide Leads to a New Wave of Coronavirus Infections.../ Contact Report #742 / June 13, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download


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Coronavirus: The Relaxing which is Now Announced Worldwide Leads to a New Wave of Coronavirus Infections as well as to Many Corona Deaths

Contact Report #742 [Excerpt] / June 13, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vivienne Legg

The Relaxing which is Now Announced Worldwide Leads to a New Wave of Coronavirus Infections as well as to Many Corona Deaths.

Ptaah: What I have to say is the following: in regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease, we have carried out different looks into the future for the coming months, and with that we have recognised something frightening, about which I have still something to explain, which is also of significance and importance for all of you. As I already explained three weeks ago, you shall continue to adhere to the security measures in the form that I have recommended, because the coming months require this in particular. Therefore you all – whereby I mean all FIGU members, Core Group members and passive members, friends of FIGU and all those persons worldwide who are outside of FIGU but who read our advice on our website and willingly follow it – shall, in the coming months, not deviate from the security measures mentioned by us. On one hand, this especially concerns the wearing of suitable protective masks of the FFP2 form, which have to cover the breathing organ and the mouth, when one cannot avoid coming into close proximity with persons not from one’s own house. On the other hand, the obligation shall be heeded that absolutely a distance of at least 2 metres is kept from persons who are not part of one’s household and a protective mask worn; indeed especially when conversations are carried out.

Billy: That is what you already recommended that we do and is that which we also comply with, namely for as long as you recommend it for us. But that you now present your advice regarding this yet again – that must have a special reason, I think. If you…

Ptaah: ...  But now, Eduard, regardless of what we recently said – that we did not want to talk further about the rampantly spreading corona disease – I want to again conclusively mention something which, in my opinion, is necessary to explain. After that it shall then be the case that we really will not occupy ourselves anymore with this sorrowful topic, because, as we again and again ascertain, such an arrogance and low intelligence prevails in regard to intellect and rationality with the majority of the state leaders and municipal administrators and likewise with the majority of the supposed medical experts that a real, appropriate, responsible action cannot come about. The same applies for the majority of all the populations of all the countries worldwide, as the irresponsible demonstrations as well as the reckless general security-opposing behaviour show. This can be seen especially from the non-adherence to the wearing of masks and keeping a distance, as well as from travel activity and the holiday behaviour, the carefree celebrations with excessive alcohol consumption as well as the unrestrained disgraceful prostitution.

Billy     Ok. I can understand you being alarmed, which is why it is also probably correct, from this viewpoint, when you say something yet again: indeed what you think is necessary.

Ptaah The meaning of my comment is this: … But what I now have to explain relates to the fact that the relaxation of the curfews and the rescinding of the duty of wearing protective masks – which has been announced for weeks, because of the state leaders, municipal officials, virologists and other supporters of the relaxation – will lead to a new wave of coronavirus infections worldwide as well as to many corona deaths. However, as I already explained earlier, it is not a second wave, as is erroneously assumed, rather it is a further escalation of the ever-continuing outbreak and emergence of the rampantly spreading corona disease. And this happens as a consequence of the inexcusable low intelligence of the state leaders and municipal officials who, in an irresponsible form propagate and allow that the also only halfway good and effective rules and precautions for the security of human beings are again rescinded. It is also inexcusable that the populations do not have everything explained to them regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease via the public information organs, according to the best knowledge and understanding, such as about the importance of how the coronavirus most of all spreads via expiration droplets, that is to say, aerosols, and causes an infection, and namely, as a rule, through being coughed at or body contact. In this form the virus can very quickly spread and indeed especially when persons get together in groups or masses. With such groupings, usually many kinds of objects are also dangerously made use of, on the surfaces of which deposits of saliva, nasal mucus, grease and hand sweat, and so forth, are left, and then they are contaminated with coronavirus, if the deposits stem from human beings who are infected with the coronavirus. Via these deposits on the surfaces of such objects the coronavirus is then further spread; consequently, new infections arise from that, when contacts occur with the corona pathogens.

If it is the case that such deposits occur on the surfaces of objects, then the coronavirus, as our research shows, is able to survive up to 3 days and even up to 96 hours – depending on the material and surface of the objects and the environment, weather and temperature – before it becomes weak, loses its activity and becomes ineffective. Viruses cannot die off, because they are not life forms. Rather they are organic structures that cannot be killed. The fact that the intensity in regard to infectiousness already weakens after a few hours and becomes ever weaker, changes nothing in terms of the danger of an infectious activity, because this carries on also with a continued weakening of the virus.

The coronavirus is extremely dangerous and does not allow any neglect, because it is extremely contagious wherethrough many human beings also die of infections, and indeed also when most who become ill with it are not seriously affected, but recover again. Many show only mild and flu-like symptoms, while others show no kinds of signs of an infection at all, however are nonetheless infected by the virus and can also pass on the rampantly spreading disease under some circumstances.

With that which can be left behind by the virus in the human organism – be it after a recovery or during an infectious state in which no infection can be detected – the virus can form and maintain undetectable long-term damage, which in the course of time can develop into long lasting and new kinds of diseases and illnesses, also diverse kinds of cancer as well as body and genital deformations, the cause of which will not be able to be determined.

As a rule, every human being who is infected by the coronavirus is a carrier of the rampantly spreading disease, although, as a consequence of the difference between the immune systems of the male and female genders, it especially encroaches on that of the male gender. This is a factor which is still completely unknown by the terrestrial doctors and corresponding scientists, as is the fact, which I already mentioned in an earlier conversation, that immunity differences prevail between different peoples.

Aside from the difference between the immune systems of the male and female genders, as well as between different peoples, also the energy and power level of the immune system, that is to say, the strength of its condition, and thereby also its ability to convalesce, is important. These values determine whether there is a possibility of infection or not, and they also determine its course and the rehabilitation or the failure of the organism.

The coronavirus especially takes hold on immune systems that are already compromised and are weakened in terms of energy, and thereby it takes hold in human beings who in some form are more or less impaired in their health and for that reason form an especially acute attack surface and possibility for infection for the coronavirus. Such human beings are therefore especially vulnerable and have a distinctly higher risk than persons who are unencumbered by health problems; consequently they also become seriously sick and, under some circumstances, die. However, in this case it is erroneous to assume that only older human beings or those with pre-existing conditions or an immunity weakness would be affected by coronavirus, because basically also children can become infected by the virus and even die of it, as I already mentioned multiple times in conversations. As well as that, also human beings of every age can be affected due to various reasons; for example, as a consequence...[article continues with this link]