Coronavirus: The First Wave is Only Approaching its Peak / Contact Report #741 / May 30, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download



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Coronavirus: The First Wave is Only Approaching its Peak /

Contact Report #741 / May 30, 2020 8:22 pm / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vibka Wallder

End of June: Over 10 Million Infected Ones Worldwide!

The First Wave is Only Approaching its Peak, Contrary to Alternative Claims

Billy: You are already here, dear friend. Welcome and greetings, Ptaah. You said that you were coming because you have something important to discuss.

Ptaah: I thank you for your greeting and your welcome; and greetings to you too, Eduard, my friend. Yes, there is something to discuss that is not to be postponed, because it is really something important to talk about; in fact I have something to say again about the rampantly spreading corona disease, although we have decided not to talk about it any further. Unfortunately, some unpleasant things will arise in the coming period, about which I still have to inform you.

Billy: Then it is probably because all the airheads in the world are going haywire and no longer care about the security measures against the rampantly spreading corona disease.

Ptaah: This is indeed the case; therefore I want to go back to my previous explanation and talk about that which is to be said.

Billy     Of course, but what is it then precisely that you must say again?

Ptaah    I will explain that to you.

Billy   Okay, but please do not talk using technical jargon, because I do not want to always have to query technical terms in order to understand something.

Ptaah     Of course. As a result of low intelligence and irresponsibility, in Europe, among many state leaders, municipal officials, and also among certain virologists, immunologists and physicians up to general practitioners and so forth, the irresponsible opinion prevails that the time and the current state of the rampantly spreading corona disease, by and large, now allow for loosening, reducing and largely ending the already inadequate safety regulations. However, the real situation of the rampantly spreading disease does not allow for this, because, on the one hand, not everything necessary has been done to really contain the terrible things and, on the other hand, its peak has not yet been reached and the whole thing is only heading towards it in this respect.

What I have to explain now, however, relates to that which concerns the state leaders, local authorities, virologists and other supporters, as well as the majority of all peoples, with regard to the relaxation of the curfews, which has been announced for weeks, and the lifting of the obligation to wear protective masks. This corresponds to an unparalleled irresponsibility which already today leads to a wave of coronavirus infections and many corona deaths worldwide.

Our earlier calculations that there would be 8 million virus infections by the middle of the year are changing already for the second time, namely due to that part – that has low intelligence and is irrational – of the responsible ones of state and local government, fallible virologists and immunologists and so forth, as well as the majority of the uneducated populations which is incapable of intellect and rationality. The figures resulting from our projections will be exceeded by far by the end of June as a result of the inadequate and irresponsible wrong decisions that are of low intelligence, and the wrong actions of those responsible in the state governments and local governments as well as the part of the fallible virologists and so forth, as well as the majority of the populations. According to our latest calculations, this leads to more than 10 million infected ones worldwide by the end of June, while the number of corona deaths will still be around 500 000, as we calculated early on and as I have explained to you on several occasions already. In addition to everything, I have to repeat the following explanation for the last time:

1) The fact that, as a result of low intelligence, unintellect, commercial thinking and greed for money, the otherwise already inadequate protective regulations regarding the ban on going out and the wearing of a protective mask are now to be largely lifted worldwide and even declared to be over in two weeks' time, corresponds to an unparalleled irresponsibility and will bear serious consequences. This is based not only on the carelessness, low intelligence and illogicality of the state leaders and local administrators, but it also goes against all intellect and rationality and additionally proves the absolute inability of those responsible with regard to a correct assessment and ability to act in difficult and dangerous situations. This, in turn, clearly demonstrates the irresponsibility of all these persons, who consciencelessly accept that, yet again, as a result of their low intelligence, hundreds of thousands of coronavirus infections will occur, and by the end of June there will be more than 10 million of them. Correspondingly, the number of infections and corona deaths in various countries will also increase sharply, as will the number of infections of new-born babies, because the embryo in the womb will already be infected by the virus.

2) Increasingly infections will arise without them being able to be medically-virologically proven, whereby, however, an infection can be transmitted nevertheless.

3) It has been shown that the male sex in particular reacts in a more susceptible form to the corona virus than the female sex.

4) It is becoming more and more evident that the virus causes brain damage as well as visual impairment, bleeding, balance disorders, language difficulties, organ failure, cardiac complications, that is to say, heart related complications, and throat diseases as well as various other diseases and ailments which arise as ... and also ..., but which you are to keep to yourself and not disclose. Various things..[article continues with this link]