Coronavirus: Latest Modes of Behaviour that Ptaah Recommends / Contact Report #738 / May 10, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download


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Coronavirus: Latest Modes of Behaviour that Ptaah Recommends /

Contact Report #738 / May 10, 2020 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

"Do not allow yourselves to be misled into wrong, inadequate behaviour-measures by inconsiderate, negligent and reckless orders of a kind which are official and governmental or organisational-based as well as private. Seductions in relation to wrong modes of behaviour of any kind can lead to dangerous health consequences, and in this respect, it can also be that half-way effective safety measures are relaxed and repealed too early. Effectively the coronavirus is extremely insidious, and can, as a result of wrong modes of behaviour that can be of a personal nature, otherwise recommended or officially and governmentally ordered, bring about a completely wrong and health-endangering conduct, as well as convey a false sense of security..."

Ptaah ... But today, dear friend, is the time when I promised to mention our latest modes of behaviour for you:..

Introductorily I have the following to say:

A) For the following period until the end of May, we, from our committee, have worked out a series of explanations, necessities, information and advice for you regarding the necessary modes of behaviour in relation to the rampantly spreading corona disease, wherefore we recommend that you align yourselves with them, as you have done so far also on your own initiative. The safety measures, which you rationally thought up of your own accord at the right time and which you have been voluntarily following for months already, were and are absolutely right, as it was and is also good that you also included my personal advice in your own good and right decisions about your self-determined modes of behaviour, as the external core group members and passive group members also did to a large extent and therethrough protected themselves from harm.

B) However, in order to now make some recommendations from our side for all KG-members in the Center as well as for all external KG-members and passive group members of the association worldwide, we have now worked out a few further things for you. These recommendations, however, should not only be valid for all of you who reside in the Center and who separate yourselves from the persons around you in an appropriate and rational form, wherethrough you can guarantee a certain security against an infection, but also for all FIGU association members, as well as for all human beings of Earth who are willing to bear their responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings.

C) That which all of you in the Center voluntarily carry out as a result of intellect and rationality, and according to which you direct yourselves and observe the safety measures, should also apply to all external core group members and passive group members, as necessarily also to the entire Earth’s humanity in general, whereby the majority, however, has not followed this advice and therethrough will have to endure harm, suffering and misery.

D) These necessary modes of behaviours that we are recommending, however, now correspond to different measures than those which, due to unintellect and irrationality, will be henceforth irresponsibly enacted by the various terrestrial authorities and state leaders in the near future, by relaxing their ordered safety measures, that are halfway effective, far too early and too extensively and, in some cases, by ending them. And this will happen in the coming days and weeks in a completely irresponsible form, just as, according to our calculations, in the same form, around 44 percent of the population – irrationally and irresponsibly and inconsiderately due to being driven by egoism, self-importance and consciencelessness – have an irresponsible mindset and will disturb public order by demonstrating and rebelling. As a result of their lack of intelligence and irrational low intelligence, these 44 percent of the populations of all countries have, in complete irresponsibility, not recognised the danger of the...[article continues with this link]