Contact Report #784 Excerpt [Further Advice from Ptaah] / November 16, 2021 / FIGU INFO / Free Download



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Contact Report #784 Excerpt [Further Advice from Ptaah] / November 16, 2021 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 13:21 hrs

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Joseph Darmanin using Deep L Translator

Note: FFP2 respiratory mask (N95, KN95 mask)

Billy: Nevertheless, as of today it is irresponsibly practised in Austria and will certainly soon be imitated in Germany etc. by those in power, because they also do not know what really has to be done, namely the regulation of the general wearing of respiratory masks and keeping one's distance from fellow human beings. In Switzerland, too, we unfortunately have incompetents in government who are already flirting with the dictatorial unvaccinated system of the Austrian government instead of allowing reason and rationality to prevail.

Ptaah: But when these are lacking, as is the case with state leaders, namely regarding the leadership of the people, then ...

Billy: ... unfortunately, all is lost.

Ptaah: That's not what I wanted to say, but that unfortunately nothing can be regulated correctly and the people have to suffer dictatorially.

Billy: Of course, that is correct to say.

Ptaah: Yes, but it must be said that I cannot find myself in solidarity with what is now being carried out with regard to the unvaccinated, at least in Austria. The whole thing is against every right of personal choice of Earth human beings. For my part, I reject such behaviour, because it violates the free and personal decision and opinion of each individual person, their right and every democratic order and freedom. It is a sheer compulsion of having to vaccinate, because only in this way can certain freedoms be exercised. Every Earth human being must, under all circumstances, be left with free will and the decision as to his or her personality whether or not to be vaccinated.

The only correct decision would be for the leaders of the state to prescribe the compulsory wearing of a FFP2 respiratory mask and to keep the appropriate distance from the nearest Earth human being, so to speak, in order to ensure the health of the nearest Earth human being. This should be possible with a little use of intellect and reason, of which the really incapable leaders of the Earth should still be capable to such an extent that they can understand what they are well advised to do. I have to advise the following, namely:

1. That generally respiratory masks of the quality FFP2 must be worn uniformly by every Earth human being – no matter whether vaccinated, recovered or unvaccinated – when dealing with those Earth human beings who 

are not in the direct and healthy sphere of life and of whom it is not known whether they are subject to a Corona infection or not.

2. That despite wearing a respiratory mask of quality FFP2, the necessary distance from one Earth human being to the next must be maintained, which as a rule must be 150 cm to 200 cm or more, depending on the case. If there is a certain degree of certainty that one or more human beings are not infected, the safety distance from one human being to the next may be less.

3. In direct or close contact with people who do not belong to the immediate living environment and to the circle of certainty of being free of the Corona virus, a respiratory protection mask of the FFP2 quality should be worn and used exclusively.

4. That the rule must be and be observed that no direct body contact takes place, such as handshakes = hand greetings, kissing and hugging, etc.

5. That the necessary hygienic measures – such as disinfecting hands – must be observed and all other necessary hygienic measures must be maintained.

6. That all air travel and all travel by car, bus, etc., train and ship for holiday purposes must be prohibited, as well as all holidays in foreign places and in foreign or other countries, etc.

7. Public transport and private means of transport may only be used by several persons at the same time if the necessary FFP2 respirators are worn and a proper safety distance – depending on the vehicle or means of transport – is maintained.

8. Respiratory masks of only FFP1 protect insufficiently against infections and should only be worn when walking on roads and paths where there is sufficient distance to other persons; they should never be used in direct contact with other people.

9. The wearing of medical masks should be reserved for persons who have to carry out corresponding activities, etc.

The coercion that is now being exerted on the unvaccinated by the leaders of the state is in itself an irresponsible-criminal prescription that has been thoughtlessly brought into being. It testifies to the state leaders' inability to manage the state, their guilt towards Earth human beings, which is becoming more and more immeasurable the longer it goes on, whereby the epidemic can continue to spread and infect unchecked, because the correct thing is not being done. This also applies to the fact that the entire misconduct of the state leaders has resulted in the Corona plague spreading to the entire states of the Earth and to the Earth human beings through the fault of the state leaders in their decisions and decrees. This in such a way that the same wrong behaviour spread to all states. In addition to this, those responsible for the state are relying uncontrollably on the vaccine manufacturers, who are throwing their vaccines onto the market largely untested and are 'earning' billions with them in an unjust manner – and, in addition, are destroying earthly human lives in the process.

1. All vaccines against the Corona virus developed and used by companies and corporations have so far been insufficiently tested and tried out for the various requirements of the different body characteristics, so that for a certain percentage of Earth human beings the vaccinations are really life-threatening and have exactly the opposite effect to what they are supposed to do, indeed, in some cases they are really side-effects and cause suffering and death.

2. The vaccines are therefore partly life-threatening for Earth human beings who do not correspond to the requirements of the chemical substances from which the vaccines are made and consequently are not compatible with the necessary physical requirements. However, the opponents of vaccines of both sexes know, suspect or learn this through some channels, consequently the state misleading campaign of the state leaders against the unvaccinated is now being unleashed.

This is actually all I want to say about it, and besides, it is useless to go on talking about these factors and the stupidity of the earthly would-be leaders and their wrong doing, for they do not follow advice and do not do what should be done. Consequently, I do not want to be confronted with it in the future, unless it is new knowledge that really needs to be discussed. So I came here not because of that, but because I have various things to discuss with you, but I want to keep it between us.

Billy: That is no problem, because we can cut off our conversation because of the Corona plague and so on and devote ourselves to your cause. So ...

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