Aquamarine Set

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Alfredo Häberli for Georg Jensen 2012 / Out of Production

Oak Wood/Aluminum

[6 pieces set / L from 9cm to 19cm / Box 300 x 300 x 50 mm]

Kids are born with boundless imagination. The best toys encourage this imagination to grow, introducing them to the limitless possibilities of playtime, storytelling and wonder. Alfredo Häberli’s underwater animals were created with this philosophy in mind. The adorable set of instantly recognisable creatures (an octopus, whale, turtle, dolphin, seal and fish) are lovingly crafted out of smooth oak – though the fish is aluminium for an unexpected contrast – that will last forever. All animals can be stacked up and arranged in endless ways, giving kids hours – and years – of under-the-sea amusement. They are the perfect gift when celebrating the littlest people. Not a puzzle, but puzzle-like, they encourage kids to try new things, explore and probably ask a million questions about aquatic life too. Each animal has its own unique expression and when they come together, they create a perfectly balanced universe between fantasy and reality.

May also be used as decorative objects in your home.